• AbSent

    helps organisations easily

    plan, manage and monitor

    employees’ attendances

    and absences

    helps organisations easily

    plan, manage and monitor

    employees’ attendances and absences

Would you like to manage better your employees’ absences?

A simple user-friendly absence management system:

Clock in Clock out feature with a mobile application

You can manage the timesheets of the employees using the clock in/clock out feature. The clock in and out can be done using the web application and the mobile application also.

Notifications for requesting days for absences

It is very easy and convenient for the employees to submit their absence requests with just few clicks. The manager/team lead instantly receives a notification via e-mail, and approves of their requests with just a single click.

Role based functionality

AbSent provides organizational structure that enables different level of the management to have different permissions and capabilities in the system. The general manager is the one that makes the configuration and has full access to all features for his company. Other than the general manager we have the department manager as a role, a team leader, team member and the administration.

Dashboarding and reporting

When a user with managerial role logs in to AbSent she/he immediately sees the pending request, who is not absent today, who will be absent from tomorrow. Reports for absent days of the employees can be generated and saved.

Localized by law

There is no need to think how many vacation days an employee has. The system calculates automatically the allowed vacation days according to the laws of your country and/or the company policy.

GDPR compliant

We make daily backups of all our database and attached files on servers in Frankfurt, Germany. We make sure that the data is safe and secured, following the GDPR regulations.

How to get on board ?

  1. Create a general manager account here
  2. Adjust company settings
  3. Upload a table with all the employee data
  4. Start using AbSent

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